– To shine forth, full of life… to have your life force healed… to live a yogic life and heal yourself with your yoga practice… to soar in your practice and your life

Viva –  means ‘long live’ ‘full of life and vitality’ in latin and ‘flying on a bird’ in sankrit

Vivas – in sanskrit means to cause something or someone to shine forth or to illuminate something/someone

Asana – in sanskrit is a yoga posture

Sana – Means  healthy in latin



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What is trauma sensitive yoga?       Why trauma sensitive yoga is important? Vivasana YogaSM balances ancient wisdom with modern research to create psychologically informed yoga programs. With Vivasana Yoga’s integrated system, yoga teachers and wellness practitioners learn how to utilize time honored yoga, meditation and mindfulness modalities within a framework informed by evidence based practices. Going beyond Down Dog, mantras, and Sivasana, we help students understand how ancient  practices relate to modern concepts of neuroplasticity, the relaxation response, the somatization of traumatic stress, and the essential components of yoga for recovery. Scientifically informed and heartfelt, Vivasana YogaSM is on the forefront of a new wellness paradigm which embraces practices across time, cultures and wellness modalities. A fundamental key to the Vivasana Yoga approach is to encourage yoga practitioners to turn not to an external authority for self actualizaiton, but to one’s inner truth and personal faith path. We believe that to best serve others, the yoga teacher and the professional therapist are to act not as omnipotent, infallible figures who can ‘fix’ an individual. Rather they are to act as knowledgeable counselors or guides who collaborate with individuals to help them on the road to feeling a greater sense of connection, balance and well being.

Monique Danielle

Monique Danielle

About Monique, Vivasana’s Lead Trainer: With a professional background in both yoga and the treatment industry, as well as a personal history of perseverance and recovery, Monique brings a uniquely balanced perspective to Vivasana Yoga. She has been teaching yoga in large group and private one-on-one settings since 2006. In working with private students, Monique has had the honor to work with people who courageously were pursuing recover yfrom childhood abuse, the 9-11 attacks and other forms of trauma.  Monique was able to offer these students trauma sensitive, recovery informed yoga practices to compliment the work they were doing with licensed, mental health professionals. With the help of yoga and other mindfulness and body based work, Monique has personally transcended a complex trauma history that is marked by childhood abuse, PTSD, a personal battle with bulimia during her teen years, and experiencing the impact of close family members who struggle with mental illness and/or drug/alcohol dependence. Keenly interested in behavioral health services, Monique has earned a graduate level certificate in ‘The Clinical Foundations of Trauma’ from State University of NY, Buffalo, and is in the process of applying to a MA in counseling program at FGCU. Beyond these formal studies, she has extensive CEs in relevant topics, and privately studies the works of well known trauma, addiction, eating disorder and yoga-for-recovery researchers and practitioners. Trained in the Sivinanda lineage, Monique completed her 200 hour level training at Yogi Hari’s Ashram and is in the process of completing her 500 hour training at the Sivinanda Ashram.

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